LoU's Batiks.. shirt

LoU Zeldis

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LoU created these original shirts during the time he was residing in Indonesia. The batik work was created on the island of Java with master batik and dye craftspeople. LoU then took these fabulous batiks and constructed the shirt shown here. His original tag and insignia is on the shirt. No two batiks and therefore shirts are alike. The all natural textiles and dyes become softer over time, while we recommend hand washing these pieces, machine washing is fine as well. The dimensions below are the circumference around the chest just above the pocket and from the top of the collar to the base of the shirt. Additionally we have added a third measurement in parenthesis that is the circumference from the base of the armpits around the shirt. These shirts are styled after classic Hawaiian shirts and while at times there may be a size tag sewn in, it is often a bit different than what is sewn in as the tag size. We highly recommend taking measurements on your own body to determine if the shirt will be a good fit. The shirts are intended to be boxy in nature.



The dimensions stated measure around the shirt one inch below the armhole. The length is at the base of the collar to the bottom of the shirt.

This is an incredibly rare natural indigo O Bama shirt in honor of the 44th President Barack Obama ...

Dimensions in inches: 44'' x 30.5''