Pendant.. the early years

LoU Zeldis

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These treasured works from the collection were created by LoU's own hands in his studio at the iconic La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club during the early 1980's and 90's in NYC. Gathering all these various components throughout his world travels... LoU described these works as possessing a kind of magic ... that is transferred from creation to owner and then into the owner's world... in his words they are "Good For Your Life" these pendants are "Truthful at Heart" 

A fabulous and very quirky piece with an ancient obsidian hand carved arrowhead with a Pre-Columbian weight and it is strung onto a zipper and incorporating a brass fishing lore... this piece is quite delicate and is one of LoU's rare works he created during his years in Peru in the 70's.

Dimensions in inches: 5.5'' x 1.5''

Cord (Zipper) length in inches: 24''